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Why We Started Velocity Conveyor

Based in Atlanta, Velocity Conveyor was founded in 2017 to provide quality maintenance and installation services on a variety of warehouse equipment. We currently provide maintenance services in Atlanta, Georgia while also traveling to the following surrounding states for installations: Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

We plan to build Velocity Conveyor into several installation crews that support the Southeast; while having a separate maintenance crew based in Atlanta. Our goal is to provide our customers in the Southeast with high-quality installations and fast response repair services. We will accomplish this through proficient project management and by creating time-saving installation procedures. We look forward to finding ways to streamline the maintenance and installation side of the industry!

Our Services

Our technicians maximize facility uptime and extend equipment life. We ensure your system will be back up and running with minimum downtime by providing emergency repairs, preventive maintenance, and technical support. Even after decades of neglect, a system can be revived for a fraction of the price of new equipment. Based on your budget, we set short or long-term service plans to get your equipment back into prime condition. We look forward to increasing your return on investment!

As a turnkey mechanical installer, we take pride in our team’s skill set in pneumatics, hydraulics, controls, general mechanics, and creative problem-solving skills.

During each project, we always look for ways to streamline the solution and provide more value to our customer. Our team coordinates with plant operations and safety personnel to facilitate a smooth transition into your new system. After an installation, we teach operators how to properly use the system. If your facility has a maintenance crew, we advise them on preventive maintenance habits or schedule PMs with our service team.

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