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Velocity Conveyor is here to increase your ROI and decrease downtime. We provide fast repairs, preventive maintenance (PM)plans, and system rebuilds. When your equipment breaks, you need a technician NOW! Our 24/7 emergency dispatch will have your system back up in no time. Just like a car, your warehouse equipment requires regular maintenance. During a PM we do more than grease bearings, oil chains, and track belts. We also focus on finding and fixing problems before they cause downtime. Even systems that have been neglected for decades can be brought back to life again. A system rebuild will solve all your daily issues and dead zones that slow down operations. We partner with you to stay within budget while repairing the system.

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Preventive Maintenance

Again, there is more to our PM than oiling and greasing. The most important part of a PM is discovering parts that are close to failure. Our technicians clean off dust and grime to find leaking reducers, cracking belts, worn bearings, and other critical parts. After the PM, we give you a parts quote to get your system back in shape. If you have parts in stock we can combine repairs with a PM.

Some of our customers prefer a regular maintenance schedule. For example, weekly replacing airbags on several miles of accumulation conveyor is a good way to stay on top of repairs. During each maintenance visit, we look and listen for parts that are close to failure. We understand that your budget has to be focused on the most crucial projects. This is why our technicians inform you of the priority level of each suggested repair. We want to give you all that you need to make an informed decision on repairs.

Our technicians tailor each PM to find out what makes your system most susceptible to failure. These are the most common items we check:

  • Safety guards and debris buildup in guards
  • Motor noise, temperature, and brushes
  • O-ring tension, wear, and slippage
  • Pulley set screws, bearings, and alignment
  • Reducer noise, oil level, and temperature
  • Transfer tension, speed, and accuracy
  • Photoelectric sensor wiring, alignment, proper operation/settings
  • Roller bearings, noise, rotation, and sprocket teeth
  • Airbag leaks, pressure, and correct operation
  • Filter regulator lubricator pressure, leaks, and water buildup
  • Belt cracking, tracking, lacing, and tension
  • V -belt tension, sheave alignment, and cracking
  • Drivetrain tension, lubrication, and wear
  • Bearing lubrication, set screws, and metal dust grindings
  • Sprocket bearings, teeth, tension on chain, and teeth condition
  • Reflector alignment, cracks, and functionality

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