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Equipment Installation

Velocity Conveyor makes your system installation a smooth transition into your new operations. We coordinate with plant operations and safety personnel to ensure a seamless installation. Our team then systematically installs your system, while staying on schedule. Post installation, we teach your team how to use the equipment during the testing phase. As your conveyor ages, our service team will be there to extend your equipment’s life and protect your investment.

Supported Equipment

 We install most material handling equipment including conveyor, ergonomic equipment, hydraulic and electrical lifts, racking, and freight elevators (VRCs). To provide a turnkey install, we often install other equipment. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help with your project!

Certified VRC Installer

Our installation team is certified by the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner to install vertical reciprocating conveyor according to ANSI / ASME B20.1 safety regulations and applicable MHIA guidelines. We offer turnkey installations including permits and inspections.

After installation and inspection, we train your associates how to safely operate the elevator. Our service team will then schedule periodic inspections and maintenance according to local safety standards.

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