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Garment conveyors are used in dry cleaning, warehouse distribution, and as retail store carousels. No matter the application, your system needs to operate at peak condition to keep your operations on schedule. During preventive maintenance, our technicians lubricate chains and sprockets while also checking

for worn parts. Finding and repairing worn parts before they break decreases system downtime. Checking for smooth movement of mechanical parts also keeps your system from “eating clothing.”

When you do have that occasional breakdown, you need a fast responding team to get your system up and running. We will arrive soon after your call and work quickly to get your system running again. We have a partner in Atlanta that stocks thousands of parts for same day repairs!


  • System does not turn on: Check emergency stops and start/stop stations. There usually aren’t emergency pull cords on garment conveyor systems, unless there is a mezzanine giving operators access to the dangerous moving parts.
    • Terms: “Conveyor chain” is the several hundred foot line that you hang clothing from. “Drive chain” is the chain that resembles a large bicycle chain and is located at the drive.
  • Tripped breaker or blown fuse: Clothing often gets bound inside of moving parts. This causes the motor to overload and either trip a breaker or burn a fuse. Carefully check the entire length of the system for bound clothing or hangers. If something is really stuck, you may have to “break” the conveyor chain to untangle the clothing. (Trick: use a ratchet strap to pull the chain back together for easy reassembly).
  • System turns on but the clothes do not move: Check if the drive is moving. If so, your conveyor chain either has a broken link or is slipping. Since these systems are not easily accessible the conveyor chain tension is often not adjusted. As the conveyor chain stretches, the slack can cause slippage. Or more often, the slack binds up the drive and breaks a link. Hint: unless a breaker has also tripped, you will hear a loud noise as the drive tears up the chain. Turn the system off quickly and lock it out until it is repaired.
  • Motor and reducer turn on but the drive does not function: Check the drive chain or v-belt that the reducer drives the carousel sprocket with. These are usually under a brightly colored chain guard. The drive chain may be broken and in need of replacement. If the v-belt is slipping, there may be tension adjusters to snug it up with.

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