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Most Common Bestflex Problems

  • Conveyor doesn’t turn on: Check the 3-way toggle switch (Fwd/Stop/Rev) to make sure it isn’t in the stop position. Open the control box and check each fuse for continuity on the DC controller (small board) and power supply (larger board). If the 15A fuse on the power supply has a burn mark on the fuse clamp, you have to replace the power supply board. These have a faulty design causing the solder to melt, drip away, and then create a short circuit. FMH Conveyors has a design in the works to correct this.
  • A zone won’t turn on: Check the fuse on that zone’s accumulation board for continuity. Also check for loose wires in that zone’s accumulation box.
  • A zone won’t turn off: Make sure all photoeyes before and after that zone are secured in place. The plastic nut often comes loose leaving the photoeye hanging below. Depending on how the photoeye is hanging, the zone could stay on when small packages passover the zone; or the zone may stay off if the photoeye is blocked while hanging below. Keep in mind this is for a diffuse photoeye (beam bounces off product). Retro reflective photoeyes (bounces off reflector) are on some older bestflex conveyors. Also check for pinched photoeye wires and photoeye lights to make sure it works.
  • Motor noise and sluggish speed: Check the length of the motor brushes. FMH Conveyors recommends replacement when brushes are 1/4″ long (though some plants find replacing them at 1/2″ is best).

Powertrax Troubleshooting

  • Conveyor works but Powertrax doesn’t: Make sure the two emergency stops on the powertrax are pulled out, the speed on the Powertrax potentiometer is turned up, and the drive chain underneath has not popped off.

Telescoping Truck Loader Troubleshooting

  • Whole system will not turn on: Most likely an e-stop or emergency pull cord is engaged. This is the most common problem with any system that’s down.
  • A few of your conveyors or a zone on a conveyor is not running: Ensure that all photoeyes are aligned before and after the dead area. Also check the safety limit switch at the end of the truck loader. This limit switch is located at the end of the boom to prevent people from being crushed against the back of the truck. Sometimes these switches are damaged and stuck in the closed position.
  • Fuses blowing or breakers tripping: Something may be binding up. Check pulley bearings, drive chain, and ensure the belt is tracking and not rubbing on the side of the conveyor. If your PLC or Powerflex has a ground fault. There is an electrical short. Check for SJW and other wire run along the underside of the truckloader. Sometimes wire is eaten through but only makes contact with ground at certain times. This can cause random breaker tripping and fuse blowing.
  • Motor turns but the reducer does not: Check the plastic or rubber love joy coupling between the motor and reducer. It may be slipping.

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